Who We are

Experts in Life Sciences

We are an emerging life sciences consulting company, serving Globally. We provide support to our clients from pharmaceutical and Healthcare field, with our complete range of Medico-regulatory services for Pharmaceutical industries. We offer end to end product development consulting services including Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Trials and Medical Writing services to our clients.

About PharmXL

Our Vision

  • To become one-stop solution for pharma industry
  • To ensure safety of patients
  • To Ensure full compliance with latest regulations.
PharmXL provides exceptional value to the clients by rendering variety of top-quality, cost-effective, customized, innovative and timely healthcare services. We serve our clients with our quality service with great pleasure and responsibility, and strive to create a solution-based relationship. We are serving our various clients based in the EU, USA, UK, Japan, India, China and many more across the globe.

We are continuously supporting our clients with our quality services for drugs and medical devices like Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials, Medical Writing and Indian Market Entry Services. We are committed to comply the dynamic and comprehensive portfolio of regulatory requirements.

Our Mission

  • To improve the health and safety of patients
  • To provide high quality deliverables
  • To provide cost-effective services

People in Saddle

Dr. Harikesh Dubey

CEO, PharmXL

Dr. Dubey is a neuropharmacologist and has 10+ years of experience in field of medical affairs. He has extensive experience in pharmacovigilance and clinical development for a variety of therapeutic areas. He has served various other organizations with his expertise. His expertise includes handling multiple concurrent tasks for clients lying across Globe. He had done PhD in Medical Pharmacology from University of Delhi.

Mr. C. S. Prasad

Managing Director, PharmXL

Mr. C.S. Prasad is co-founder and Managing Director of PharmXL and has a vast experience of 20+ years in field of regulatory affairs. Mr. Prasad is a jack of all trades and born entrepreneur. He is also founder of ACPL group of Companies, a well-known face of regulatory consultancy in India. He divides his time between his multiple business ventures. He is a growth addict and successful entrepreneur.

Mrs. Anamika Dubey

Director-Medical Affairs, PharmXL

Mrs. Dubey has a vast experience of 10+ years in field of regulatory and medical affairs. She has worked with WHO and Pharmacovigilance Programe of India (PvPI) for about 7 years before joining the PharmXL. She has been extensively involved in pharmacovigilace activities.

Dr. D.C.P. Singh

Board Advisor, PharmXL

Dr. Singh is a Professor in pharmaceutical sciences and has about 40 years of leadership, teaching, research and pharmaceutical industry experiences. He has been the Director of various pioneer pharmaceutical institutes. He also has remarkable interest in pharmaceutical product development and patient safety.

Mr. R V Unnikrishnan

Board Advisor and Regulatory Expert, PharmXL

Mr. Unnikrishnan is a very senior administrator with deep experience in the drug regulatory. He has extensive experience in management and governance of several types of healthcare business and non-profit organizations. He is man of high ethics and moral values which help to execute quality and compliance within the organization. He also has remarkable experience in making company policies.

Mr. Rohit Kumar

Manager, PharmXL

Mr. Rohit is a young and dynamic Pharmacovigilance professional. He is very passionate, dependable and detail-oriented about things. He has been working and serving different clients with his quality outputs for quite a few years now. An Idioms may describe him better which says “Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack”.